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Give Your Voice

Use your voice with your family, friends, social network, and business colleagues.  Tell the Habitat story - your Habitat story.

Door County Habitat counts on all of our homeowners, partners, and volunteers to be our virtual marketing team.  Despite our 27 years history, many tourists, seasonal and permanent residents - are unaware of Door County Habitat and our services. To be more impactful, we need your help to reach more people with our message and our services.  

Do you know?...

  • a family who has inadequate housing

  • an elderly neighbor who can’t afford to make fundamental home repairs

  • a person with mobility issues and an inability to access their home?

  • a new neighbor doing a remodel or deconstruction of their kitchen 

  • a banker who had to turn away your favorite server for a conventional home loan

  • a contractor whose backlog is too large for a veteran’s critical access home repair 

  • a city planner who impacts housing regulations and zoning requirements

  • a realtor with clients moving to Door County

  • a brother cleaning out his garage

  • a sister who is downsizing and has land to sell

  • a customer doing spring cleaning

  • a friend looking to become a volunteer

  • a business wanting to have a bigger impact in the community

  • a church group searching for a team building activity

  • a tourist shopping for UpCycle treasures

  • a college student furnishing an apartment

  • a service group looking for a meeting speaker or a community project

Your voice counts.  Please tell them about Door County Habitat for Humanity, Our Services, our ReStore, our Volunteers, and Your Support.

“To see a house rise from the ground knowing that it will provide a lifetime of joy for a family; is what Habitat is all about. Not only do you get to participate in building a high quality, well-built home and learn all sorts of skills that you may never have had the opportunity to learn. The friends you make are irreplaceable. Not everyone is a master carpenter, plumber or electrician. It is just the opposite. The volunteers come from diverse backgrounds: from a college professor to a heart surgeon to portfolio manager and everything in between. No matter,  sharing the work learning new skills while knowing you are doing something for someone else is gratifying.

Habit For Humanity is not only providing new homes, it’s providing wonderful experiences. What a great combination!"

– Chuck Grebus
Volunteer multiple years


Artists' Creative  Support of Housing

Painted Bird and Butterfly House Auction

Door County is filled with creative artists! When we began reaching out for their inspiration, we were thrilled with their support. Margaret Lockwood is the first artist and gallery owner to begin this tradition. Here is her story.

“I was aware of the good work Habitat was doing nationwide; so perhaps it was serendipitous that I moved to Door County in 1994 – which was also the first year of operation of Habitat for Humanity in Door.”

Margaret established her first gallery in the old school house in Juddville. She was looking forward to establishing her business and getting to know her new neighbors. The opportunity arose to collaborate with Habitat on one of their early fundraisers, she willingly took the ball and ran with it.



Her school-house gallery offered the ideal light and lofty space to showcase the many bird houses built and donated by our generous artist community. She also worked on construction for the project with a carpentry club in Ellison Bay.

The first silent auction was held in the Juddville school house gallery where she realized her initial goals; of getting to know many of her neighbors, and establish a relationship with other local artists, while helping a worthy cause.

When we spoke with Margaret at her gallery in Sturgeon Bay, it was clear that she still takes great pride her integral role for the first bird house project.

Margaret continues to share her talents with Habitat. The birdhouse project over the years has expanded to include chairs and butterfly houses with many more projects to come. 

The Margaret Lockwood Gallery is now located at 7 South Second Avenue in Sturgeon Bay.



Margaret Lockwood, of Lockwood Gallery in Sturgeon Bay, displays her creative Butterfly House, contributed to support Door County Habitat for Humanity.

410 N. 14th Avenue
Sturgeon Bay WI, 54235

410 N. 14th Avenue
Sturgeon Bay WI, 54235