ReStore Donations


We accept donations on Tuesdays and Thursdays 10AM-4PM to enable volunteers to clean, sanitize, price, and display the items. Please only bring donations during these times.


You can bring your donations to the ReStore or call us for a pick up of your larger items. Donation Pick Up:  $20 in Door County (excluding Washington Island).  


The following items are especially good sellers.  We always need more of all of these:  Appliances in clean and working order (Washers, Dryers, Refrigerators, Microwaves); Furniture ( Metal Queen- & King-sized Bed Frames, Dressers); Area Rugs, Flooring - wood, vinyl, laminate or vinyl tile, Decorative tiles

The following items sell well, but we have lots of them. We will consider the items  on a case by case basis.  It is likely that we will decline these donations or ask you to hold them for later:  Dishwashers, Single dining chairs, Couches, Pull-out sofas, Sofa sleepers, Hide-a-Beds, Wall mount light fixtures, Shiny gold or brass light fixtures of any style.

Check our our donation guidelines for more details.


Fill out the Material Donation Form with specifics of your materials and if you need pick up.

What we can not accept

We appreciate you making Habitat ReStore your go to place for repurposing your valuable items. There are some items that we can not accept.

If the Habitat ReStore cannot take your donation, other community organizations  may accept your donation. Requirements for acceptance may vary. Please check with the organization below for guidance on any specific item.

Clothing, linens, bedding, towels, draperies, dishes, children's items:

Sunshine House - 55 W Yew St. SB; M-F 10-4; 920-743-7943;
Green Door Thrift - 1300 Egg Harbor Rd (Cherry Point Mall), SB; Tu-Sat 9-5; 920-818-1444
Feed & Clothe My People - 204 N 14th Ave, SB; M & Th 2-6p, Tu & F 10-2; 920-743-9053;

Mattresses, Box Springs 

St. Vincent De Paul Green Bay - 920 Weise St, 940 Hansen Rd, 2121 Van Deuren St, all in Green Bay; M-Sa 10-6, Su 11-6; 920-435-4040,
Bayside Bargains (Consignment) - 14 S Madison Ave, SB; M-F 9-5; Sa 9-4, Su 10-3; 920-743-7048

Medical Equipment

Neighbor to Neighbor - 62 S 3rd Ave #2, SB; 920-743-7800;​​​​​​​

Other Furniture​​​​​​​ and Exercise Equipment

Sunshine House - 55 W Yew St. SB; M-F 10-4; 920-743-7943;​​​​​​
Green Door Thrift - 1300 Egg Harbor Rd (Cherry Point Mall), SB; Tu-Sat 9-5; 920-818-1444
Bayside Bargains (Consignment) - 14 S Madison Ave, SB; M-F 9-5; Sa 9-4, Su 10-3; 920-743-7048

Other Waste and Recycling

Door County Waste and Recycling -
1509 Division Rd, SB; M-F 7-4;  920 743 9472,

Amazon Wishlist

Want to help the ReStore without bringing home more stuff? Feel free to donate from our Amazon Wish List!  Amazon has a convenient way to share our list, but items from any local source would also be appreciated.  Thank you for any help you can provide! 

Want to help the ReStore?

Put your time to work for our community.
Check out dates and times on our Volunteer Calendar or sign up for the type of activities you prefer and we'll contact you. Learn more about our Volunteers and their stories.

"With Habitat, if you see a need, you can jump in and help fix it. I saw a Habitat facility plan and recognized that it was going to cost a lot more than we had.  With my background in operations and problem solving, I recognized it was an opportunity to do more with less money. I took the challenge seriously. I focused on how to improve the Habitat Campus: ReStore, Construction/Repair Support, Office, and Storage.  We’ve accomplished a lot in the last year and have more to do. I got the ball rolling and many contributed to the new energy, ideas, leadership, empowerment and standards for our operations.

The Facilities team has more projects to come - lighting and the space we call the midway. We need people who can be part of the team, lead a project, or work independently. When we recognize a project need, we match people and skills to the need. We need your help - volunteer today." 

– Bill Meyers
Habitat Volunteer, Facilities Leader,
and Board Member

410 N. 14th Avenue
Sturgeon Bay WI, 54235

410 N. 14th Avenue
Sturgeon Bay WI, 54235